What is Budder? Guide to Weed Budder

Cannabis budder isn’t anything like dairy butter, but its texture and appearance could have you fooled!

However, there are many stark differences between this cannabis product and the butter you spread on toast each morning!

Budder has become a widely popular cannabis extract, now commonly consumed worldwide. It has quickly become a go-to option for those who love cannabis concentrates.

If you are curious about the various reasons surrounding its popularity, consistency and versatility are two words that describe budder best. Still, you may be wondering to yourself, what it is budder exactly? 

In today’s guide, you will receive all the answers to your budder-related questions. 

We’ll define what it is and explore why it’s so popular, as well as how budder is made and its various consumption methods.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

What is Budder?


Budder, also referred to as budder wax, is a variation of standard cannabis wax, hence the full name. It falls under the category of cannabis extracts and cannabis wax, along with other products you may have already heard of, including honeycomb, shatter, hash oil, crumble, and other BHO products.

What makes budder stand out from its sibling concentrates is its desirable texture. As you may have gathered, this easy-to-use extract is similar in consistency to standard cooking butter.

Ultimately, a user’s preferred concentrate boils down to their specific resources and accessories and their specified desired texture.

As far as consistency is concerned, budder falls somewhere between the aforementioned crumble and honeycomb. As you may know, crumble is known for its crumbly quality, while honeycomb is even more light and breaks apart relatively easily.

Budder wax has a malleable texture that does not crumble or break apart. Instead, it is pliable and moulds to pressure. Due to this texture, isolating a specific budder dose requires a dabber or other fine cannabis manipulating tool.

The smooth quality of budder comes in a range of colours, from rich amber to bright yellows. Both the colour and the consistency often come close to budder’s namesake – butter. 

However, it is crucial to note that users should not use budder like they would cannabutter.

For those who may be unaware, cannabutter is an edible cannabis product made by infusing cooking butter with cannabis. This concentrate is then used as a special ingredient for cooking and baking.

Users can create a wide range of beverages and edibles using cannabutter, including cookies, brownies, cannabis coffee and more.

The cannabis extract budder has nothing to do with ordinary butter, apart from having a similar consistency. 

But what gives it this desirable texture?

This consistency is created through a unique and advanced extraction process, which we will explain in further detail in the following section.

How is Budder Made?

Unlike other variations of marijuana concentrates, such as hash, rosin, cannabis oil, or cannabutter, budder is not a product for making at home. 

Budder is created using state-of-the-art scientific equipment by individuals with advanced training. 

Furthermore, manufacturers must follow stringent safety regulations to ensure that the process of creating and the extract itself are both completely safe. 

The dangers surrounding its creation lies in the chemical solvents used, which include butane and CO2. 

These solvents are used to ‘blast’ through cannabis plant matter to extract THC and other desirable components of cannabis. The resulting mixture created must then be purged to make sure there are no residual solvents.

Other concentrates, including crumble and shatter, are purged using similar methods for the same reason.

The final product should contain a high concentration of THC with no residual solvents. The advanced technology used to purge the extract is the primary reason why budder is not practical for users to extract themselves at home. 

Several safety processes are used to ensure there is nothing dangerous left in the final budder product.

Although up until this point, the creation and extraction process for budder has borne a striking resemblance to other cannabis concentrates, things are about to become more specified. There are particular extraction processes used to create what is known as budder. 

Generally, butane is the solvent of choice for achieving budder’s creamy consistency correctly. 

what is budder

Below, we’ll explore the various steps in more detail to gain a comprehensive understanding of the extraction process.

  1. Producers place finely ground cannabis buds into a specialized tube that is airtight and elongated.
  2. The cannabis buds are combined with a specific solvent, either butane or CO2. In the case of budder, it’s typically butane.
  3. The mixture is placed under excessive amounts of pressure to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant matter. These cannabinoids and terpenes combine with the solvent.
  4. The extraction is moved into an oven-like airtight container. It is then exposed to extremely high temperatures and air pressure, which purges the solvent (butane) out of the concentrate, leaving purity levels that can be as high as 99.6%.
  5. The final concentrate undergoes crystallization after being whipped, just like whipping cream. This process results in the characteristic creamy consistency characteristic of budder.

Examples of Budder Consumption Methods

The versatility of this marijuana extract makes it easy-to-use whichever way users would prefer. While there are several ways to consume budder, we will highlight some of the most popular in this section.


The dab rig has become an increasingly prevalent item among users who prefer to consume cannabis concentrates primarily. 

Essentially, a dab rig can be described as a modified bong. When users utilize this specific piece of equipment, it’s referred to as “dabbing.”

The only complex element of using a dab rig is the use of a blowtorch. Dab rigs use nails or bangers instead of the standard bong bowl.

Users must heat these nails to the correct temperature before ingesting budder. There are also electronic-nail varieties that need to be plugged in and turned on.

The key with dabbing butter is collecting just the appropriate amount. A dab tool helps to scoop a small portion to be dropped onto the heated nail. That said, users should allow the nail to cool slightly before getting started to avoid excessively high temperatures. 

Using a lower temperature ensures that users can have the desired effects from the multiple terpenes that butter has to offer along with the cannabinoids.

Dabbing is a potent way to consume cannabis. As such, using cannabis concentrates is much more potent than other cannabis-related products. In other words, when it comes to budder, less is more. Users should thus start low and go slow with any concentrate, budder included.

In a Joint

If users are more inclined towards traditional consumption methods, such as smoking, budder can also be incorporated into a joint. 

Some users will  add a bit of budder to their joint to create what is called a ‘twax joint.’

However, its consistency can make it a bit challenging to add the right amount to a regular dried flower joint.


Budder can also be vaped using a vaporizer. However, not all vaporizers can handle concentrates, only those specifically designed for them. 

Vaping is among the most popular methods of ingestion as users find the desired effects in the full terpene profile of budder with complete heat control through the use of a vaporizer.

Budder – A Different Kind of Smooth and Creamy

With so many cannabis extracts out there, it can be easy to overlook budder.

With a diverse profile of terpenes and cannabinoids, it isn’t entirely surprising that budder is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates currently available on the market.

That said, many users appreciate this potent and flavourful marijuana concentrate for its ease of use and versatility. However, it is also not a cannabis product that users can make at home.

This fact is because budder requires multiple pieces of specialized equipment and professional expertise to create it effectively and safely. In this way, it’s best left to professionals to create a product that is potent and safe to consume.

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