Vaping Cannabis – How Does it Compare to Smoking?

Vaping cannabis has become the go-to option for many cannabis consumers around the world. The combination of technological advances and increasingly health-focused users have led to a rapid shift toward vaporization. 

There are many reasons why smoking cannabis is less desirable than vaping, and you’ll discover them all here today. This article will explore the practical benefits of vaping cannabis over smoking using more traditional methods.

We’ll outline the reported health benefits of vaporizing cannabis instead of using combustion to smoke it. Finally, we’ll take a look at the most common types of vaporizer pens and how they work.

Vaping Cannabis Differences

vaporizing cannabis differences

To provide some necessary context, we’ll first introduce what precisely vaporization is. 

Vaporization involves using heat to decarboxylate the cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis.

This process creates a vapour that is then inhaled. This consumption method is vastly different from smoking cannabis, which uses fire to induce cannabis flower combustion.

While both are inhaled, what you’re inhaling changes substantially.

In other words, vaporizers heat cannabis to the optimal temperature for the terpenes and cannabinoids to be released. 

However, the temperature is low enough to avoid the components of smoke which include tar and carcinogens produced by combustion.

Inside this gaseous vapour mixture, you’ll find plenty of terpenes and cannabinoids but none of the undesirable components. Smoking plant matter produces a variety of compounds that may even cause more harm than good.

Here are the benefits vaporizing cannabis has over traditional smoking.

Preserves Terpenes

What many consumers appreciate about vaping cannabis is its tendency to produce a crisp and clean experience. When purchasing and utilizing cannabis, users want to enjoy the full depth of the terpene profile that it has to offer. 

For anyone who takes their dry cannabis flower seriously, vaping should be strongly considered over burning it through more traditional smoking methods. 

Reduced Smell

While vaping cannabis does release terpenes into the air, this aroma is more closely related to the scent of burning incense or a scented candle. 

Compare this to smoking cannabis, which produces an intense aroma that can linger on clothes and hair.

In this way, vaping cannabis produces a less characteristic, unmistakable cannabis odour, providing an added discreteness level. 

Subtle Convenience

Unlike other more traditional cannabis consumption methods, vaping cannabis allows users to slip under the radar by requiring minimal effort to prepare. 

Vaporizer cartridges come ready to go and turn on the instant they’re needed. Moreover, vaping cannabis can be performed subtly and only takes a few seconds to do discreetly without drawing any unnecessary attention. 

This subdued, inconspicuousness makes vaping cannabis the choice method for those looking to stay discreet with their consumption.

Vaping Cannabis With Vaporizer Pens and How They Work

vaping cannabis pen

There are two primary variations to review: disposable vaporizers and battery-cartridge combinations when it comes to vaporizer pens. These two types of vaporizers come with pre-filled cartridges of cannabis oil. 

The exact cannabis concentrate inside the cartridge can now vary dramatically, with more options than ever. The first of these two types are often described as ‘vape cartridges’ or simply as a ‘battery.’

‘Batteries’ are the part of the device that you reuse and recharge over time. A majority use USB or standard charging cable options, but not all. There is a broad range in the quality and type of battery options currently available. 

One crucial factor to consider is whether they use a proprietary cartridge system or the standard size, a 510 thread count. This gets us to the topic of the cartridge itself.

Some batteries use cartridges specific to their device and require purchasing the same type of pod to continue vaping cannabis. Others go with the industry standard, allowing consumers to purchase any of the many 510 cartridge options from different companies and producers.

So, what will you find inside a cartridge? Nowadays, there are a variety of options to consider.

Most cartridges work as atomizers, which vaporize the liquid inside. These cartridges are often filled with cannabis distillate, which is a highly concentrated form of THC extracted from dried cannabis flower.

Some cartridges come with specific oil added to the mixture to improve the consistency. Most cartridges are made using Co2 extraction technology. 

Disposable Batteries

Disposable batteries are vaporizers that do what their name implies. They come with a battery and a cartridge inside a single unit. Once a user has vaporized all the oil inside a disposable battery, they throw the entire device away. 

There is no charging or buying new cartridges with these devices. Some consumers love the convenience they provide, and they can be a good introduction to vaporizing cannabis oil. 

Others would strongly suggest going with the standard reusable battery and cartridge system for numerous reasons.

Vaping Cannabis – A Health-Oriented Alternative

You’ve now gotten all the knowledge you need to determine whether vaping cannabis is right for you. We’ve discussed the practical and health benefits of vaping instead of smoking weed. 

Essentially, the primary factor that draws many consumers to vaping cannabis instead of smoking is that it serves as a healthier and safer alternative that is less likely to produce respiratory damage. 

This fact is because vaping cannabis does not combust any plant material, meaning that consumers will not inhale any potential toxins, such as tar or carcinogens, that they would if they chose to smoke instead.

Additionally, vaporizing cannabis is far less conspicuous as it does not produce the characteristic smell commonly associated with cannabis.

However, it still provides the same effects and contains a robust flavour profile with cartridges containing reintroduced terpenes.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. 

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to vaporizing cannabis and that you use it to help make better choices around your cannabis consumption.

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