Board of Directors & Executive Team

Acreage Pharms Ltd Jean Chiasson

Jean Chiasson
CEO / Director

Mr. Chiasson is the current Director, Chief Executive Officer of Sirona Pharma. He is a distinguished serial entrepreneur, widely acknowledged within the industry as a pioneering figure in the Canadian cannabis sector. With an unwavering commitment to his vision, he has diligently conducted extensive research, resulting in the establishment of a truly unique landrace genetics library – an unparalleled resource empowering the development of strains tailored to address specific health conditions. Possessing three decades of profound expertise in cultivation, complemented by adeptness in cell and tissue culture technology, Mr. Chiasson boasts an impressive inventory of 1026 cultivars.

Acreage Pharms Ltd Jagdeep Gupta

Dr. Jagdeep Gupta
CMO / Director

Dr. Gupta, is the Director and Chief Medical Officer of Sirona Pharma. As a dedicated physician specializing in pain management, who owns and operates two prominent pain clinics in Vancouver and Toronto. He oversees the care of over 15,000 patients by providing medical prescriptions and personalized treatment plans. Additionally, Dr. Gupta will be leading clinical trials involving cannabis patients, overseeing the research model and enrolment process. With a background in Medicine from UBC, he has long been passionate about utilizing cannabis as a safe and effective remedy for various ailments, minimizing adverse side effects.

Acreage Pharms Ltd Ken Spears

Ken Spears

Mr. Spears serves as the Vice President of Boston Scientific and has held the position of President & GM of Boston Scientific Canada since 2005. Boston Scientific is a Fortune 500 company with 40,000 employees, renowned for its global leadership in developing and manufacturing interventional medical device technologies. Ken is widely acknowledged for advocating outcomes-based healthcare and emphasizing the medical industry’s role in enhancing patient outcomes. Additionally, he advocates for positioning Canada’s Life Sciences sector as a significant economic driver, complementing the country’s knowledge economy.

Senior Management Team

Acreage Pharms Ltd Stevan Perry

Stevan Perry

Mr. Perry, the co-founder of Sirona Farms Inc., is a highly experienced Senior Executive with over 25 years of corporate, operational, and project management expertise. He has had a progressive career in both the Canadian cannabis and energy industries. From 2008 to 2016, Mr. Perry was part energy services executive leadership for Honeywell and then Eaton. In 2016, Mr. Perry made a transition to the cannabis sector and actively participated in the successful startups and business development of The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) and Emblem Health, which was later acquired by Aleafia Health (ALEF).

Acreage Pharms Ltd Gavin Correa

Gavin Correa
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Correa, based in Montreal, plays a crucial leadership role in his firm, overseeing assurance, accounting, and tax services. He specializes in helping growing businesses with strategic planning, corporate structuring, and financial management. His career started in 1987, and by 2015, he had established his own firm, LCA CPA. Gavin is associated with numerous professional organizations and holds treasurer roles at several institutions. In 2022, he joined the Sirona Team for a buyout process by Sunera, and he became their CFO in 2023. Additionally, since 2012, he has served as an external accountant for Sirona, demonstrating significant expertise in the cannabis industry.

Acreage Pharms Ltd Mike Proulx

Michael Proulx
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Proulx is a cannabis industry professional with 25+ years of production experience that includes the design, construction and operation of multiple craft cannabis facilities. Mr. Proulx was the COO of Indigenous Bloom from 2018 to June 2022, where he was responsible the corporation’s performance and oversaw 268 employees. Mr. Proulx grew annual gross sales from $18M/yr. to $43M/yr. and expanded the cultivation and manufacturing footprint from 7500 sq. ft. to over 65,000 sq. ft.