Sinsemilla and How it Influences Modern Cannabis

Cannabis has enjoyed storied usage worldwide in its landrace form, but only recently has sinsemilla been introduced into its genetic mix. While modern agricultural practices such as hydroponics, microclimate control and phenotype-specific nutrient mixes have led to exponential increases in quality and yield, these gains would not be possible without the help of sinsemilla.

Today, cannabis enthusiasts can find sinsemilla’s influence in almost all forms of cannabis available today. Here’s why it’s essential for modern cannabis cultivation and why it’s so highly utilized. 

What is Sinsemilla? Why is it Important?

what is sinsemilla

Linguistically, sinsemilla has Spanish origins. Split up into its constituent Spanish parts, the word is a combination of “sin” and “semilla” meaning “without seeds.” Sinsemilla isn’t a plant but a term used to describe certain types of cannabis plants that are grown not to produce seeds.

Instead of a term that’s used to describe certain strains of cannabis, it’s generally used to delineate any and all seedless cannabis plants. 

Sinsemilla is an essential addition to the cannabis plant’s genetic mix. 

Wild cannabis, like the wild banana, produces an abundance of large seeds in order to reproduce in its environment.

The banana, specifically, originally had large, almost inedible seeds in copious amounts before modern agriculture domesticated the plant for human consumption. The bananas available today in grocery stores and supermarkets still have seeds, albeit in less significant numbers and size.

Introducing sinsemilla into cannabis plants has the same domestication objective in mind.

Opening a package of dry cannabis flower only to find an abundance of seeds is bound to be a souring experience! Sinsemilla also lets cannabis cultivators reach further and deeper into the genetics of the cannabis plant, allowing for the creation of higher quality and higher yield plants that would otherwise be impossible to grow.

How is it Sinsemilla Made?

how is sinsemilla made

The cannabis plant is a dioecious species with female and male varieties. For cannabis plants to reproduce, both varieties are necessary.

Female varieties of cannabis plants are the ones that cannabis cultivators primarily work with.

Female cannabis plants produce psychoactive buds of cannabis, while male plants grow pollen sacs. The former is cultivated for cannabis, while the latter is cultivated for hemp.

To produce sinsemilla plants, cultivators must selectively breed and grow female plants in isolation away from their male counterparts to avoid the male plants from pollinating the female plants and inducing seed production.

Without being pollinated by the male plants, sinsemilla plants can devote more energy and nutrients towards increasing the yield, quality and potency of their buds before they’re ready for harvest and processing. 

Today, sinsemilla plants aren’t unique. Modern cannabis cultivation practices demand sinsemilla plants for their high potency and yield. In fact, cultivators today will utilize feminized seeds to exclusively produce female plants instead of regular seeds that have an equal chance of producing a female or a male plant. 

The Seedless Story

Cannabis seeds are going the way of the banana and for a good reason. Few people would willingly choose to include seeds with their packaged dry flower, and fewer still would choose to consume a less potent variety of cannabis. 

While sinsemilla is not well known, the waves it makes are vast and profound. Modern cannabis would not be where it is today without sinsemilla, and cannabis enthusiasts across the country have this plant to thank for its esteemed contributions. 

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