Process For Buying Weed Online In Canada

Although the weed industry is still tightly regulated, Canada is among the countries where legalization is spreading quickly. This has allowed several online dispensaries and cannabis brands to sell weed online legally. 

In fact, Canada’s popularity as a green-friendly destination is increasing rapidly among recreational and medicinal users of cannabis. According to recent data, retail sales of legal weed in Canada hit an impressive 253 million CAD as of November 2021.

If you’re looking to buy weed from online dispensaries in Canada, here’s how to proceed. 

Buying Weed Online In Canada

Identify an authorized seller. 

Legal weed can only be sold and purchased at government-authorized stores within the Canadian border. Some weed sellers are authorized private dispensaries or e-commerce stores exclusively run by the government, depending on the province. The latter is more common in physical stores, but some operate on online platforms too. Some weed sellers are a hybrid of both – private and government-run.

Regardless of the type of ownership, buying weed from licensed sellers is paramount for legal and safety purposes. 

Top tips to help you identify legal weed retailers are:

  • Asks for age verification 
  • Provides weed shipping all over Canada 
  • The site has features such as sign-up bonuses, referral offers, and promotions. 
  • Supports credit card/debit card payments 

Every package of weed shipment contains health advisory messages and bares a standardized marijuana symbol and local excise stamp.

Online weed retailers that do not have the features mentioned earlier are usually illegal, and you should refrain from buying from them. In addition, illegal weed dispensaries also usually prefer cryptocurrency payment as it is not traceable. 

Buying weed from a licensed retailer will ensure that you are compliant with the law and get the best weed quality. Besides, if your weed shipment goes missing, you can also contact the local authorities for help. But you can also do so if your weed package was bought through the proper channel.

Look for quality weed products. 

Most licensed weed sellers in Canada offer top-quality cannabis products. However, you can never be too selective about the quality when it comes to weed products.

Look for a weed seller that sources high-quality weed from organic farms. Online cannabis retailers that also reveal that they test their products at third-party labs usually have the best quality of weed in their inventory.

Online dispensaries in Canada that have in-depth information on their site about their product range and ingredients and share their unique story are also known to offer genuine quality weed. 

Understand the legalities 

The weed laws in Canada, or anywhere for that matter, do not just pertain to retailers. Weed buyers and consumers are equally responsible so understanding your part is also important.

In most parts of Canada, the legal amount of weed you can buy online is 30 grams or 1.05 ounces of dried cannabis or equivalent. If you order multiple shipments and accumulate your weed stash at home, it is not a problem because, under Canadian law, there is no limit to the amount of weed possession at home.

In almost every province, the legal age for weed buyers in Canada is 19 years. In addition, whenever weed shipments are picked up at local dispensaries or postal outlets, providing proof of age is mandatory, and you need to provide a signature.

Authorized third-party carriers and Canada post work together to ensure that weed laws are practiced and that no illegal weed-related activities occur. Therefore, weed orders through licensed retailers come with a tracking number and are monitored until it reaches your hand safely.

Furthermore, having a piece of good knowledge about what you can legally purchase or not is also helpful. For instance, weed edibles are still not legal in Canadian territory, according to the Cannabis Act.

If you get the details mentioned earlier in order, buying recreational weed online in Canada or anywhere else should be easy and without any problems. 

When the weed package arrives at the postal outlet or a pickup point, age verification with an ID is required along with a signature before you can receive it.

Wrapping up

Thanks to its legalization, the online purchase of weed for recreational or medical use is very common in Canada. Many online dispensaries offer a wide range of weed products for consumers all over the country.

Buying online weed legally comes down to identifying licensed sellers and abiding by the various federal and provincial laws. This is important so you don’t get fined for buying, consuming, or in possession of illicit weed. 

Aside from the legalities, buying, selling, or consuming weed warrants responsible practices, as we have covered in this post. Acreage Pharms is ready to meet your cannabis needs. Contact us today to speak with a representative!

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