Gifting Cannabis? 10 Tips to Help You Gift Cannabis This Holiday Season

Gifting cannabis during the holiday season is an excellent option for legal consumers. There are countless product formats, varieties and potencies to choose from to help you make your gift creative and personal.

However, gifting cannabis is unlike gifting alcohol or chocolates. Since cannabis is an unexplored and unfamiliar territory for many, some decorum and etiquette need to be observed to make the experience great for everyone involved. If you’re planning on gifting cannabis this holiday season, consider these ten tips to make your holiday season greener and brighter.

10 Holiday Tips for Gifting Cannabis 

1. Review the Rules and Regulations

Before gifting cannabis to your family and friends, check in with your local and provincial cannabis regulations first. Since regulations controlling the legal consumption age vary between provinces, it’s essential to verify whether or not the recipient is of legal age or not first. 

2. Purchase Legally

While you should always review your local and provincial cannabis regulations first, you should also only purchase your cannabis from a verified legal source. Buying from a government-regulated dispensary is the only way to know that the products you’re purchasing are safe for consumption. 

3. Consult With a Budtender

A dispensary’s budtender is often the best source for product information and asking them for product advice and knowledge to help you navigate all the different available products. If you’re gifting cannabis to a new cannabis user, a budtender can help you find strains with a lower THC content more amenable to novices. Suppose you’re shopping for an experienced cannabis user. In that case, a budtender can help you find products with unique terpene profiles or match your gift recipient’s tastes with available products that they might enjoy.

4. Consider the Recipient

Asking a budtender for advice on which cannabis gifts you should give is great, but keeping in mind the recipient of said gifts should be your priority. 

Dry flower and vapes might be your preferred method of consumption, but if your recipient prefers edibles and tinctures, pre-roll joints might not be the best choice. Nobody wants to receive a gift that they can’t enjoy or won’t use. Keeping your recipient in mind can help you avoid any strained smiles or forced gratitude that might arise from a poorly thought-out gift.

5. Don’t Forget the Basics

Depending on the degree of experience your recipient has with cannabis, gifting cannabis can be a very individual and particular present. Some people might prefer a certain product format over another or view indica and sativa differently than you. In cases like these, opting for something cannabis-related instead of cannabis itself is a happy compromise. Consider a gift basket or care package with some essentials such as:

  • Storage containers
  • Glassware
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Wicks
  • Grinders
  • Rolling Trays
  • Filters

6. Make it Your Own

Everybody’s preferences will be different, but it’s hard to not appreciate a gift that’s lovingly made or assembled by hand. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a dispensary or just want to make your cannabis gift extra special, consider putting something together yourself! Homemade edibles such as infused brownies and gummies are an easy way to personalize your gift and make it unique. 

If your recipient is not an avid fan of edibles, creating your own pre-roll packs with a blend of strains you think they’ll enjoy can make your cannabis gift extra intimate. Consider asking your budtender for advice on which strains they think your recipient will like or move forward with the selection yourself – it’ll be a memorable gift either way! 

7. Start Low and Go Slow 

Whether you’re gifting edibles or dry flower, all parties need to be aware of their cannabis tolerance and enjoy responsibly, especially when it comes to edibles.  The difference in strength between edibles vs smoking is immense, so everyone involved must be aware of the difference. 

When edibles are consumed, the THC is transformed into its metabolite, 11-Hydroxy-THC, a compound that can cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively, producing a stronger effect over a longer period of time.

As such, including a note with a recommended dosage amount or instructions on how long to wait before consuming a second dose can help make your recipient more comfortable about consuming your gift. If you’re the one gifting cannabis, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is aware and informed about the potential risks and side effects of cannabis consumption! 

8. Honesty is the Best Policy

If you plan on gifting cannabis, it’s best to open about your intentions and check in with your recipient first before committing to purchasing a gift. If your recipient is in a situation where they can’t accept your gift or face negative consequences if they do, cannabis might not be the best option. Asking them whether or not they’re comfortable with receiving cannabis as a gift can help you avoid any hard feelings or difficult conversations.

Additionally, you should also be honest and transparent about the products you plan on gifting the recipient. THC vs CBD? Strength and potency? Sativa or indica? Keep the recipient completely informed and answer whatever questions they might have when receiving your gift. If they can’t understand the cannabis packaging, be sure to thoroughly explain everything they need to know so they can have an informer and positive experience. 

9. Give Gift Cards

Unsure of your recipient’s tastes are? Don’t know if they’ll like your gift? If you know your recipient enjoys cannabis but you’re not sure what gifts they’ll enjoy, consider gifting a gift card instead. Gift cards are a great way to support your local dispensary and show that you’re keeping your cannabis-minded friends and family in consideration without having to purchase cannabis. 

10. You May or May Not Be Invited to Participate

No matter the type of gift you plan to give, you shouldn’t expect to be invited to participate in the enjoyment of that gift. Some cannabis consumers who are particular about their consumption will either have their own rituals surrounding their consumption or prefer to consume alone. While it’s not a faux pas to enjoy a cannabis gift with your recipient, you should also be prepared with cannabis of your own so your recipient doesn’t feel coerced into consuming as soon as they receive their gift or forced to share it with you. 

Gifting Cannabis – Gifting Green

Since cannabis is still unfamiliar territory for many Canadians, gifting cannabis can be difficult to navigate. If you do plan on gifting cannabis this holiday season, be sure to heed these 10 tips to ensure the experience is positive for everybody involved!

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