Different Types of Pre-rolls for Cannabis

Who has time to deal with all the grinding and rolling when you’d rather have your hands on cannabis pre-rolls!

Pre-rolls are a huge time saver. They’re great for all cannabis enthusiasts, especially frequent users, and for on-the-go consumption. However, not everyone is a fan, as pre-rolls have their own set of pros and cons. Check out the many advantages and downsides of this popular item in this article and figure out if it can be your new thing! Not forgetting, we have also mentioned the different types of pre-rolls for cannabis, so you find the perfect one that ticks all boxes for you.

What are Cannabis Pre-rolls?

Simply put, cannabis pre-rolls are joints that have been rolled ahead of time and sold by cannabis brands or local dispensaries. They’re also known as pre-rolled joints. Pre-rolls allow you to skip the weed preparation process. All you have to do is blaze it up and enjoy smoking your favourite cannabis!

A typical pre-roll is made up of three standard components – rolling paper, filter, and cannabis. Unlike other cannabis equipment like bongs and vapes, you don’t need any other add-ons with pre-rolls. 

Pre-rolls are available in all types of strains:

  • Indica: pre-rolls that are associated with a full-body high/ commonly used for their sedating and relaxing qualities.
  • Sativa: pre-rolls that are associated with a head high/ commonly used for their energizing and motivational effects.
  • Hybrids: pre-rolls that have a balanced composition of both Indica and Sativa.

Different Types of Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Classic Cone

Classic cones are the standard type and the most common ones. They usually come in compact sizes, each containing about .5g – 1.5g of weed. The name “cone” comes from their cone-like twisted shape. They’re usually made with unbleached/bleached rolling papers made from natural materials like rice and hemp.

King-sized Doobie/ Cones

King-sized cones are simply the larger variations of classic cones. These pre-rolls are almost similar to the previously mentioned ones, except for their size and shape. Their larger size allows for more pull and a slightly cooler hit. King-sized doobies can carry up to 1.75g of weed.

Oil Dips

In some cases, you may find pre-rolls mixed with other ingredients or flavors. Oil dips are a classic example of those. Oil dips are pre-rolls that include cannabis oil so as to increase its potency. The cannabis oil is either injected into the doobie or lined on top of the weed before rolling. They’re also known as Snake In The Grass pre-rolls. 

Dipped & Rolled Doobie

This is another type of infused pre-roll. In this type, the cannabis is rolled in a rolling paper as usual. However, the rolled doobie is further rolled in a bit more cannabis to add more potency! Plus, it’s a great way to spice things up and add more to the fun. Most rolled doobies are either rolled in CBD powder or kief.


Cannagars are also known as Thai Sticks. They’re simply cannabis cigars that originated from Thailand around the ‘60s. They look beastly and bulky in size, typically containing around 4-8g of cannabis. However, note that cannagars are not for single use. You can either use it with friends or smoke it for a week or so. 

Caviar Joints

Caviar joints are another type of infused pre-rolls. As the name implies, caviar or moon rocks are added to the joint to act as fillers before rolling it. Hence, they’re also known as caviar gold or simply moon rocks. In some cases, cannabis is mixed with BHO distillate or rosin before rolling the joint in hash or kief. 

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf rolls look like your classic doobies. However, instead of standard rolling papers, gold-leaf wrapping papers are used. The sizes vary between .25g and .5 g.


Blunts are commonly made with two types of rolling papers – tobacco leaves or hemp wraps. However, most people will suggest you opt for hemp blunts as they can boost the contents inside. 

Kief Joints

Kief joins refer to pre-rolled cones that are filled with nothing but kief.

Cannabis Cigarettes

Cannabis cigarettes are great for people wanting to smoke weed in discreet, as they look like your everyday cigarettes. They usually come in a pack of 5 or 12, and each cigarette contains up to .5g of cannabis max.

Benefits of Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Cannabis pre-rolls are becoming popular by the minute. Why are people falling in love with this contemporary cannabis equipment? Here are its top benefits:

  • Pre-rolls are extremely convenient. They’re ready-to-smoke products. Just take it out of your stash, light it up, and start toking!
  • You can avoid the mess of preparing your weed. No more grinding or rolling!
  • They’re time-saving.
  • Most pre-rolls are compact in size and very portable.
  • Infused pre-rolls tend to be more potent than your home-made doobies.
  • They’re a more affordable option. You just need to buy one product – i.e., the pre-roll itself.
  • Pre-rolls are usually high in quality depending on where you buy it from. Reputed companies only use premium flowers in their joints.

Cannabis Pre-Rolls: Cons

Now, cannabis pre-rolls may not work out for some people. Here’s why:

  • Pre-rolls offer fewer varieties as compared to cannabis strains. But if you can find a pre-roll in your liking, then well and good!
  • If you buy several pre-rolls at once, you need to store them correctly. Else, they may lose their potency and quality easily.
  • Some unreliable companies may use old or stale ingredients in their pre-rolls. Hence, it’s vital that you do your research first before hitting the purchase button.

Final Words

If you’re still here with us, then we hope we’ve helped you learn everything about pre-rolls. Compare the pros and cons properly before getting your hands on one. We sure don’t want you to regret your purchase!

If you decide to try pre-rolls, we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy the experience and convenience that come with it! Acreage Pharms is ready to meet your cannabis needs. Talk with one of our representatives to get started!

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