Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

For the uninitiated, cannabis concentrates simply mean super-concentrated forms of THC or CBD. They’re also known as marijuana concentrates, marijuana extract, or cannabis extract.

Though they’re popular among both recreational and medical marijuana users, the latter seem to enjoy more benefits from them. Thanks to their immensely high content of THC, ranging from 40% to over 90%!

Note that even the highest grade marijuana usually carries just about 20% THC. So, you can imagine just how potent cannabis concentrates are!

Another great thing about concentrates is that they’re extremely aromatic and flavorful than your regular cannabis.

However, just like any other cannabis plant, concentrates also come in several types. Each type has a different flavor-aroma profile, potency, extraction process, and effects on a user. Today, we’ll be looking at the 7 different types of cannabis concentrates that are extremely popular in the weed club.

Quick Take At Cannabis Concentrate Extraction Process:

Different cannabis concentrates are extracted in a slightly different way. We’ll discuss the specific extraction method of each concentrate as we go on discussing them below.

Cannabis extraction processes can be categorized into two groups: Solvent-based processes (which include the use of solvents like butane and ethanol) and solventless techniques that take place in the absence of a solvent.

Below are six common extraction methods.

Butane Hash Oil Extraction Methods

Butane Hash Oil Extraction, a.k.a. Butane Honey Oil Extraction, or simply BHO, is one of the most common cannabis extraction methods.

Here, the cannabis plant material is placed in a container and sprayed with butane to begin the extraction process.

Ethanol Extraction

In this process, the cannabis plant is mixed with ethanol to derive the concentrated forms of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

In this method, hydrocarbons such as propane or butane are used to separate desired chemical compounds (like cannabinoids) from the inert plant material.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

It is an environmental-friendly, non-toxic extraction method to produce a pure, safe, and clean cannabis concentrate.

Water Extraction

It’s a solventless process that involves submerging the cannabis plant in freezing water to separate trichomes from the cannabis plant without the plant matter.

Dry Sift Method

Dry sift method refers to a process where you take the cannabis flowers or plant and rub it all over a fine mesh. It’s similar to what happens to cannabis in a grinder.

Sifting cannabis plants allows the separation of trichomes from the plant, leaving out other excess plant matter.

Concentrates produced through this process tend to be powdery and extremely potent.

5 Common Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

BHO simply refers to concentrates that were extracted using butane as a solvent. It has several subtypes, including budder, shatter, crumble, wax concentrates, etc.

The specific sub-type of marijuana concentrate produced from BHO ultimately depends on the cannabis flower or strain used, as well as the techniques applied to the production process.

Different sub-types of BHO concentrates have the same story – that they were extracted using butane. However, they differ in appearance, consistency, and potency.

For instance, shatter (the first cannabis concentrate on the market) gets its name from its brittle consistency, which is likely to shatter into tiny pieces when broken apart.

Budder or badder tend to be softer and buttery. In contrast, wax concentrates are waxier in texture and less oily.

Live Resin

Live resin is produced by a unique technique that involves freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants before and throughout the extraction process. It also skips the drying and curing processes that are common in extracting other cannabis concentrates. Such processes tend to have devastating impacts on plant terpenes.

Texture-wise, live resin is more malleable and usually sits between a wax and a sauce.

Live resin concentrates are popular for their intense aroma and flavors, which transfer from the original plant.

There’s also a sub-type known as cured live resin, which refers to concentrates made from dried plant material.


The distillate is one of the purest concentrates, containing only a specific cannabinoid (either THC or CBD).

In this process, the cannabis plant material goes through a complex extraction, separation, and purification process, to get rid of all terpenes, flavonoids, waxes, and other plant matter, except for THC or CBD.

The result is a potent oil that contains the target compound. Unlike CBD distillate, THC distillate can be highly intoxicating.


More commonly known as dabs, Rosin is produced by applying extreme heat and pressure to cannabis plant material like flowers, kief, etc. They’re highly sought after for their potency, flavor, and purity.

Moreover, since no solvents are involved in their extraction process, rosins also tend to carry natural flavonoids and terpenes from the original plant. Hence, they’re usually more flavorful than other concentrates.

Cannabis users or patients who desire a clean, solventless concentrate can give rosin a try!


Hashish, or simply hash, is another popular concentrate in the cannabis industry. It’s traditionally made by drying a cannabis plant, typically focusing more on the female buds.

There are two primary types of hash, namely bubble hash, and charas.

Bubble hash simply refers to water-purified hashish, while the latter is made from live cannabis plants.

Hash is a hit among cannabis tokkers and is usually consumed in a pipe, joint, bong, vaporizer, or oral ingestion.

Conclusion – Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are a versatile form of cannabis that provides several advantages over other consumption methods. For one, you can mix it in everyday recipes like peanut butter and brownies to enjoy a smokeless experience!

However, vaping and dabbing remain the two most popular methods of consuming cannabis concentrates. Through these methods, you can enjoy the best flavors and high that a concentrate offers!

Apart from the cannabis concentrates mentioned above, a few other ones in the cannabis industry deserve a mention. They are:

  • CO2 Oil
  • Caviar (also known as Moon Rocks)
  • Kief
  • Pure Isolate Crystals
  • Honeycomb
  • Taffy
  • Pull and snap concentrates
  • Terp sauce
  • Sap

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