Cannabis Storage and 3 Things You Need to Consider

Preparing the proper cannabis storage protocols is the best way to preserve the potency and flavour of your Acreage Pharm products. Before cannabis legalization, cannabis storage was limited to minicircle Ziplocs and plastic bags. 

Today, storage solutions are plenty, ranging from simple, opaque child-proof packaging, like the one we use at Acreage Pharms, to complex humidor bags and hygrometers.

However, cannabis storage does not be a complicated process. Depending on how soon and how fast you consume your products, a long-term storage solution might not even be necessary.

That said, many cannabis storage solutions not only focus on maximizing cannabis longevity but safety, too. Protecting your cannabis from children, pets, and even mold are all objectives that a proper storage solution should set out to achieve. 

This article will outline why instilling proper, responsible cannabis storage solutions is essential, as well as crucial factors to consider that could impact your products’ shelf life.

Without further delay, let’s begin.

Why Proper Cannabis Storage is Important

While Health Canada has already implemented several guidelines to control the humidity, temperature and oxygen levels of cannabis before, during, and after its processing period, these controls become ineffective once the package is opened. 

Cannabis packaging today must be large enough to fit all relevant information, branding, and warning labels and have enough oxygen included inside to make it secure for transit. The more oxygen present, the quicker the cannabis can degrade in potency and flavour. 

cannabis storage packaging

When cannabis is improperly stored, exposure to light and oxygen can cause the cannabinoids and terpenes to degrade. Expose your cannabis to the elements long enough, and users will also notice it drying out quickly. When it’s time to consume, they might notice a grassy, almost hay-like aroma in the flower yield and a harsher smoke. 

In this sense, proper cannabis storage is necessary to ensure that the cannabis flower remains fresh and flavourful. That said, maintaining the potency and flavour of cannabis aren’t the only reasons why users should endeavour to store their cannabis appropriately.

Depending on the environment, excess moisture and humidity can penetrate into products and cause cannabis mold to develop. Additionally, once the childproof seal has been broken, the package is no longer childproof. Depending on the user’s individual circumstances, this may warrant an extra safeguarding step.

As such, several factors could influence the overall effectiveness of cannabis storage. In this way, it is crucial to remain vigilant not only for the preservation of products but for the safety of others, as well.

If you ever find yourself asking “does weed expire,” check out our guide on cannabis stability dates.

Proper Cannabis Storage – 3 Things to Consider

For many, storing cannabis in a cool, dry and dark place will be more than enough to keep it fresh, potent and flavourful. However, users should keep it out of the fridge and freezer as this can cause the cannabis flower to dry out even further and become incredibly brittle. 

Practical cannabis storage doesn’t need to be expensive, either. In fact, the best methods are accessible and affordable for all users. While hygrometers and humidors are efficient, they can also be costly. For sufficient cannabis storage on a budget, here are three things you need to consider.


cannabis storage fresh

Light and UV radiation will degrade anything, not just cannabis. Exposure to sunlight will degrade the flower’s cannabinoid and terpene profile and also dry it out.

As such, it is important to keep cannabis flower away from any direct sources of sunlight. Storing cannabis in a dark place, such as a drawer or cabinet, or within a dark, opaque container are both excellent options. 


Depending on location, the ambient moisture in the environment can ruin cannabis flower entirely. Excessively dry cannabis flower isn’t great. That said, for most users, it’s preferable over damp cannabis, which can be a breeding ground for mold to develop. 

Using a sealed or airtight container is one way to prevent moisture from seeping in, but it can also trap moisture inside once opened and closed. Placing one or two humidity control packs within the airtight container is an effective solution to remedy this problem.

Cannabis flower can’t get too damp to prevent the development of mold. However, cannabis that is entirely devoid of moisture will be extremely harsh and unpleasant. Humidity packs are a happy medium between the two extremes and aren’t as expensive as hygrometers and humidors. 

As we said above, hygrometers and humidors are also excellent choices but can get expensive. 


Mold thrives in damp and humid conditions, but warm and high temperatures are additional elements that need to be controlled. Additionally, high temperatures, when combined with exposure to moisture, light, and oxygen, can cause the conversion of THC to CBN

CBN, also known as cannabinol, is a less psychoactive cannabinoid formed from the degradation of THC. If the proper cannabis storage conditions are not met, the cannabis flower can lose most of its potency. 

Cannabis storage should be relatively cool. Room temperature or slightly below that will be more than enough to protect the flower’s integrity. 

Cannabis Storage – A Worthwhile Investment

Like most other plant life, cannabis requires water, sunlight and other caregiving elements to ensure its longevity and ultimate survival. 

Whether cannabis products are in fresh or dried form, instilling the proper care practices is essential in prolonging its shelf life and preserving its desired qualities and effects. 

While some users may initially consider cannabis storage an afterthought, proper storage is not only conducive towards extending a product’s potency and longevity but might also be necessary depending on the user’s specific location. 

Additionally, another factor to consider is who else occupies the space – i.e. children, roommates, etc. – and ensuring that these items don’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Whatever the case, users should keep their cannabis away from light, moisture, and high temperatures for the most desirable outcome. 

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